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学术报告 How to Enforce Your Key Management Policy Using Bitcoin: Share-Deterring Pu

日期:2017-05-18                   来源:本站                   作者:               关注:

报告题目:How to Enforce Your Key Management Policy Using Bitcoin: Share-Deterring Public Key Cryptosystems

报 告 人:Qiang Tang

报告简介How is it possible to prevent the sharing of cryptographic functions? This question appears to be fundamentally hard to address since in this setting the owner of the key is the adversary: she wishes to share a program or device that (potentially only partly) implements her main cryptographic functionality. Given that she possesses the cryptographic key, it is impossible for her to be prevented from writing code or building a device that uses that key. She may though be deterred from doing so. We introduce leakage-deterring public-key cryptosystems to address this problem. Such systems have the feature of enabling the embedding of owner-specfic private data into the owner's public-key so that given access to any (even partially functional) implementation of the primitive, the recovery of the data can be facilitated and demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency in these scenarios.


Qiang Tang is currently an assistant professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology and also a core member of the Cybersecurity Research Center ( His research interests are applied and theoretical cryptography, privacy and computer security. In particular, in the intersection of accountability, post-Snowden Cryptography, and blockchain technology. Before joining NJIT, Qiang was a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University and was also affiliated with IC3: the Initiative of CryptoCurrency and Contract ( Qiang obtained his Ph.D from the University of Connecticut. He was also holding visiting researcher positions at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, NTT research, Tokyo, and the University of Athens, Greece. Qiang's work has appeared at various top venues including CCS, Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt, and IEEE TIFS.

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